Who we are

Thinker is a Chinese local company who is able to server global customers. We provide electronics manufacturing services to credible and profitable customers with high quality requirement.

We are reliable. We are concentrate. We are smart.

Our business purpose is “To please our customers so well that out services will be their first choice”.

At Thinker, We build trusted relationships with customer and supplier. We keep our words on quality, delivery, technical service which empower our customer products and their brand all over the world. We build reliable supply chain for customer which provide value add service.

We focus our eyes on manufacture, process, testing and verify technology change. Customer can easily find their need in Thinker. Meanwhile our professional advices will help our customer improve their products quality.

To execute a smart manufacturing system. Thinker build a strong IT team focus on this smart system. Our manufacture is transparent to our customer over the world. Our customer can easily trace back each piece of their product by themselves. Check their order information, delivery information, quality information, etc