Social Responsibility Concept


As a global electronic circuit company, while pursuing business value, THINKER an Circuits is more actively practicing social responsibility and exploring sustainable development roads with customers, employees, partners, the environment, and communities. In this process, THINKER will strive to continuously create economic value through sustainable development management, and work with various stakeholders to address the social and environmental challenges of global development through cooperation.

Since being first exposed to the concept of sustainable development of the system, THINKER has continuously improved its social responsibility concepts and practices, and formed a social responsibility management model based on international standards such as ISO14001, OHSAS18001, RBA (formerly EICC), ISO50001, etc. One of the important long-term development strategies, we improved on the previous social responsibility management model and established a CSR management committee to promote the company to better identify and respond to the opportunities and challenges encountered in the practice of social responsibility.

THINKER' CSR management philosophy is in the same line with the corporate mission and vision, and has formulated a social responsibility policy of "being the first to practice, taking responsibility for, and building a home of heart and core". Taking the lead in fulfilling the self-requirements of being a “world-class” first-class company, and taking the initiative to be responsible for the results, we regard the practice of social responsibility as the only way for sustainable development of the company, and is closely linked to the corporate mission.

At this stage, THINKER' social responsibility action will focus on providing a sustainable development connection foundation for the Internet of Everything, and is committed to making the connection more valuable, promoting green development and building a better world.