Design and Manufacturing Service

The design and R&D team of THINKER has rich experience in maritime products, servers and blockchain's design and can provide customers with professional industrial design, structural design, circuit design, software development and other design/development services.

THINKER has a mature R&D team. From design to manufacture, we have an in-depth understanding of all customer needs for products, quick response in 24 hours, and continue to improve our solutions.

In each stage of R&D and design, we work closely with the manufacture center. Product design fully meets its functional and performance requirements, and fully considers manufacturability, manufacturing costs and other relevant factors at each stage of the product life cycle, speeds up product launching into the market, saves R&D and manufacturing costs.

Our services include:

Industrial design: The industrial design team has a solid foundation in modeling design, material technology, ergonomics, etc.
THINKER can provide a complete set of industrial services such as appearance design, UI design and packaging design.

Structural design: Ensure product design reliability through simulation technologies such as heat dissipation, structural strength, structural deformation, and drop test. Use simulation analysis to ensure the quality of plastic and die-casting parts. THINKER has industry-leading general standard laboratories, electromagnetic compatibility laboratories, reliability experiment laboratory and aging room, to ensure that product performance and reliability meet design requirements.

Circuit design: THINKER can provide customers with a full set of circuit design services, such as schematic design, PCB Layout, Gerber file production, etc.

Software development: Software development capabilities have passed CMMI (Software Capability Maturity Integration Model) Level 4 certification.

Three-proof product design: The product meets the IP68 waterproof rating and the requirements of the US military standard MIL-STD-810.

DFX analysis: Provide customers with DFX analysis services covering the entire process, Valor software provide customers with more than 1,000 reports every year, reducing production costs, reducing the number of trial production, and improving mass production efficiency.