Smart manufacturing

THINKER strives to build customers'"exclusive factories". We are committed to meeting the different needs of customers, from PCBA processing to automated finished product assembly, from NPI to mass production, from small batches with more varieties tolarge batches with fewer varieties, as well as customized service needs.

THINKER has an industry-leading intelligent production and management system, which continuously improves manufacturing flexibility, guarantees product quality, and continues to introduce advanced equipment, meet the high efficiency and precision of the product process fromthe hardware side; at the same time, it is building an Industry 4.0 smart factory with 45% automated coverage rate. With self-developed MES management system, THINKER provides the informatization of production management. Customers can remotely monitor the production process on the computer or mobile device to trace the product. We always insist on creatingcustomer value with high-quality manufacturing services. We respond quickly to customer needs 7x 24 hours. Trial production can be delivered as fast as 7days, mass products can be delivered as fast as 16 hours, and stencil and fixtures can be design and delivered in 2 days.